Assessments — Understanding the Whole Child!

Recognising Your Whole Child’s Needs


Recognising your individual child’s barriers and needs is essential to ensure that  intervention is effective and key to ensure they can achieve success.


Placement Assessments


All students undertake a literacy or numeracy placement assessment on their first session (unless a full diagnostic assessment has been undertaken in the last six months by myself) to inform your child’s teaching and learning programme. A short report with my findings and initial targets will be emailed to you. This can be carried out in isolation to lessons but is charged accordingly. Please contact me for more information.

Full Diagnostic Assessments


I undertake full diagnostic and dyslexia assessments, which looks at your whole child’s barriers and needs including strengths and weaknesses in their attainment, self-esteem, general and cognitive abilities, and memory and learning. If applicable, it identifies a profile consistent with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, working memory and attention; Moderate Learning Difficulties and other additional needs.


Please note that my reports go beyond a diagnosis as they identify barriers and explore how to meet the needs of your child.

My full report explains my findings and recommendations on how your child’s barriers can be overcome. A short report can be also offered at a lower cost. The report can take up to four weeks to write — this is due to the time required to analyse the findings and to write a thorough report. The report is sent to you as a PDF via email.


To ensure a full picture is obtained, background information through returned questionnaires from parents and the school, along with a discussion with your child on the assessment day is collated and reflected on in the conclusions.


The assessment usually starts at 9am and takes about 3 ½ to 4 hours (not including a brunch break), and is conducted in one day (Friday or sometimes Saturday). Parents are required to take their child off site at a suitable time.


The assessment is undertaken on a one-to-one basis.

Please explain to your child that I will be looking at how they learn through: talking with them, watching them do puzzles and games, and a small amount of reading, writing and maths. I look to see how your child does – it does not matter if they get it wrong because my job is to find out why they get it wrong so that they can be helped.


On the day of the assessment I will provide brief verbal feedback. I am also available for a follow-up meeting, after the report has been issued, to explain the content and to answer your questions.


Please contact me, via email, to discuss fees and arrange a suitable date for the assessment but please note there are limited dates available. To confirm an assessment date 50% of the cost is required at the time of booking, and the other 50% two weeks before the assessment date. Payment for cancelled or a missed assessment is not refundable.


“Hi Marion, 

I found the report hugely helpful and would like to Thank You for taking the time to help M (as tricky as it can sometimes be).  It explains so so much and just a relief to have an understanding on what is going on and ways to support him. His letter you wrote to him was lovely.

I passed a copy of the report onto his teacher and the SENCO at school, they also found the report brilliant as an insight to M...

Once again thank you so much for all your help and advice and I look forward to getting lots of your knowledge to help us.


Thank you


(Cirencester Parent)